About Our Team

Bianca Garrett

Bianca is passionate about helping not-for-profit and newly formed organisations grow and succeed.She specialises in strategy development and has experience in managing social media and online platforms for not-for-profit organisations, including the Council of the Ageing and Jumeirah School in UAE.

She is a determined member who led development of Flow Group’s not-for-profit market strategy and values making a lasting difference to the community. She has developed communication strategies for the Australian Network on Disability and provided added input into diverse not-for-profit client projects.

Bianca has a double degree in Communications in Public Relations and International Relations which has provided her with organisational, communication skills and broader awareness of working with a wide range of cultures across culturally sensitive topics. She enjoys working in close contact with clients helping them reach their goals and strive for success.

Emily Reeves

Emily loves communicating with people and creating extraordinary client experiences.She previously worked in various marketing and client relations roles in Australia and Canada, and was nominated for the Vancouver Tourism award for her commitment in building remarkable client experience.

With Flow, Emily has delivered a range of marketing activities for small business and not-for-profit clients.She has a good sense in written and visual marketing. Combined with her marketing, branding and product design skills, she enjoys to work with people step-by-step in delivering tangible solutions.

Emily also enjoys many outdoor activities, from hiking, skiing to mountain biking, as well as handy crafting.

Dora A. Ugalde

Dora is a strategic communications specialist with over a decade experience in the Education, Environment and Rail industries.She holds a Masters degree in Education and a Bachelors degree in Journalism. Drawing from her background in both areas, Dora has designed the narrative of various successful behavioural change and advocacy campaigns within Australia.

Passionate about human communications and the power of language, Dora has also been a trusted communications advisor of senior executives, committees and special interest groups.

Dora has witnessed the powerful impact of well-crafted messages, and she enjoys sharing her knowledge with people, so that they can master the principles of effective communications.

Andrew Leung

Andrew is a marketing communication specialist with a strong focus on visual and creative communications, and project management.

Andrew received his Master of Marketing Communication in 2009 and has since worked with non-government, private and public sectors to design and implement marketing solutions.Born in Hong Kong and raised in Canberra, Andrew is well travelled and has a good sense of local, national and global trends in both marketing and visual communication.

Outside Flow, Andrew also tutors students at the University of Canberra to help grow the next generation of marketing communication talent.Andrew is passionate about ensuring your brand communicates with your target markets effectively.

Tan Tran

Tan is passionate about film production and telling compelling stories that touch people’s hearts and minds. He has a double degree in Media Arts and Production, and IT.

He has expertise in crafting stories from pre to post-production, and has delivered many narrative-driven videos, especially focused on commercials, short films and documentaries.

Tan has a double degree in Media Arts and Production, and IT, and is an ongoing board member of the University of Canberra Media Society. In addition to working with Flow, he is an active participant in Canberra’s film community.

Naomi Arboleda

Naomi has a keen eye for visual design and communication. Her expertise is in video production and animation.

She is an avid consumer of international pop culture across TV, books and film. This has given her an awareness of international trends and understanding of visual styles across cultures. She is also passionate about innovative new media approaches.

Yomi is passionate about innovative new media approaches. She also has exceptional client and project management skills with experience managing multiple projects and events.She enjoys working with clients to understand and bring dreams to life.